He is no fool…


I saw this video this week and it really touched me.  The five young missionaries who went to minister to the Waodani are heroes of the faith.  The recent movie, End of the Spear, is a must watch along with the famous movie, Chariots of Fire, about Eric Liddell.  These men, these movies should inspire us to greater love and greater sacrifice, not just in the jungles but right and right now in our small town!


One thought on “He is no fool…

  1. Some years back I was part of a Christian Drama group that did the play “Bridge of Blood” which was based on the story of these missionaries. The script we used was readers’ theater, however, our director was a very talented man who rewrote the script to make it a traditional play (all he did was add blocking and remove a small amount of dialogue that did not fit the new blocking). I was cast as Jim Elliot and it was one of the most moving roles I have ever performed (I was about the age Jim Elliot was when he died at the time).

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