New building approved

This last Sunday, a group of us went to look at the building at 41 S. Lake Ave. as a new meeting place for the church and after looking around we took a vote which passed unanimously to sign a lease for most of the rooms in the building.  As we grow, we will have an option to take more space in the building, but as it is now, we’ll probably have about 75% of the 6,000 sq. ft. space.  A building committee has been formed and we will begin making the changes needed for us to move in as soon as possible.  This is very exciting for all of us as we add needed Sunday school rooms, a fellowship hall and a nursery.  One thing that we have highlighted is that we do not want the building to become an idol to us nor do we want to be a “cookie cutter” church that sets it’s building up like any other church does. It is important that our church remain accessible and welcoming to anyone who walks in the door.

Our tentative goal to move in by is October 6th.  Keep this in your prayers and thank you to everyone who has made this next step in our church’s growth possible.

One thought on “New building approved

  1. Awesome!!

    I’m looking forward to painting and helping set things up.

    Cyd Jaskolski, Secretary Pinedale Middle School 307-367-2821

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