Pinedale named one of the 2012 ‘100 Best Communities For Young People’

This last week it was announced that Pinedale was selected as a “100 Best Community” by America’s Promise Alliance. This is an awesome recognition of our town which we already know is a good one and one that we all know could still use some help to be even better.  Matt recently attended a vision casting workshop for the county and there are some great ways we as disciples of Christ can work within the community to improve the network that makes this community so wonderful.  One simple way is to make sure we say thank you to the many people who contribute – over 400 adults volunteer in SCSD#1 alone!

The reasons Pinedale was selected are:

  1. Caring Adults: SCSD #1 has more than 400 adults who volunteer in its schools and each year the community gives out at least $200,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors. Additionally, Pinedale is home to one of only seven existing chapters of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Wyoming.
  2. Safe Places: Seeing a need for a safe place for youth, the Sublette County Library created a dedicated teen area complete with computers and game systems. The Pinedale Aquatic Center provides a year-round safe haven where students can recreate year round. The Sublette BOCES hosts a wide variety of educational classes and summer camps. Pinedale itself is a safe haven with low crime rates and involved community members making the parks and bike paths safe places as well.
  3. A Healthy Start: A state of the art recreation center, walking and biking paths, open gym and weight room at the high school, an outdoor track, five town parks and three school playgrounds, as well as being surrounded by 1,300 lakes and miles of mountains creates an atmosphere where a healthy lifestyle is encouraged and supported.

For more go this Pinedale Online link and read the article yourself or go to America’s Promise Alliance 2012 site

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