This Sunday…

In the past week we’ve had a possible building for a new meeting place come to us. A group went to check it out and would like to take us to look at it ourselves this Sunday after church. The building is at 41 S. Lake and used to house Altitude Gym.

Because the owners have several people looking at it, they would like us to make a decision as soon as possible so that they could offer it to others. Therefore, we would like if possible to have an up-or-down vote on the building this Sunday once we’ve looked at it.

We know that this is short notice for some, but we would really appreciate it if everyone could make an extra effort this Sunday to give an additional 45 minutes after the service to look at the building in person and then take a vote on it. If you can’t come to look at it with us, but know the building and would like to tell us how you would vote, that too would be acceptable.

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