SERMON: Witnessing & Waiting

Sermon on Acts chapter 24 where Paul is whisked away to Caesarea to testify before Governor Felix with his accusers.  Some of the take aways were:

  1. Truth and evidence are our friends, not our accusers
  2. Jesus’ teaching set his followers on a more eschatologically imminent, ethically radical, profoundly personal and dynamically evangelistic “way.”  Christianity is, in the end, not a betrayal but the fulfillment of the Old Testament faith.  The challenge is that this fulfillment will radically transform the Jewishness of those who step onto the “Way” inaugurated by Messiah Jesus.
  3. Resurrection is the coping stone between creation and judgment; the resurrection of Jesus is when God sets the world right in principle
  4. It’s not something that is wrong, it’s someone.
  5. Many respond to the gospel by expressing their rejection by delaying their decision to commit to Jesus Christ – but it is still rejection.  Indecision is a decision; it’s a choice to remain where we are, outside God’s saving grace, with the condemnation of the judgment to come our only prospect.
  6. The claims of Jesus are never convenient for us.
  7. Felix’s profligate life warns us all not to let sex, money or power put us into a “don’t call me, I’ll call you” stance toward the gospel.

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