SERMON: Road to Rome

Sermon from Acts chapter 23 when Paul is brought before the Jewish Sanhedrin by the Roman Centurion.  Their reaction and response provide us another example of how a Christian is to work within the State.  Some of the take aways were:

  1. Though an officeholder dishonors the office through his conduct, one does not have liberty to dishonor him (cf. 1 Sam 24:6; 26:9-11). Do not speak evil about the ruler of your people (cf. Ex. 22:27)
  2. Know to whom you minister; their beliefs, etc.
  3. Christ perfectly comforts in…
  4. Shame turns to honor when Paul lengthens the title to say “Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus” or “prisoner for the Lord
  5. The interrelationship of the Christian and the State

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