This weekend…

There are several fun activities this weekend with the Church.

Saturday night at 7pm is “Movie Night” which will be a two-part series on Creationism.  This Saturday will be shown a film discussing the “Young Earth” perspective of Creation, and next week will be shown a video on the “Old Earth” perspective of Creation.  Both argue against the theory of evolution, but both beliefs are prevalent within the Christian Church today and we wanted to provide equal time to each side.

At the Sunday morning service, Chris will be sharing the message after which will follow a celebration of the Eucharist meal followed again by our fellowship meal with its “Italian” theme this month.  Please plan on enjoying the communion of Christ together with our community of disciples.

Then on Sunday night at 7pm we will be showing Episode 2 of the popularly acclaimed History Channel series, “The Bible.”  Several of our members have worked extremely hard to make this available to our community on our large screens, be sure to thank them for the effort.  Here’s the trailer for Episode 2…

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