All’s well here…

Just wanted to post a brief update and let everyone know that things are going well here in Benin. I heard that Steve did a great job on his message yesterday, look forward to hearing it and posting it when I’m back.

I arrived with all of my 3 bags (PTL) and was able to buy supplies for the training center before taking my 13 hour bus ride up north. Everything was pretty dark when I got here because of the bad power system, but that’s one of my projects and already today (Monday) things are better.

I have just come south today to pick up some money at the bank and to see a few friends that I haven’t seen in a year.  I was going to take a bush taxi down, but was blessed by an old acquaintance (who had purchased one of my older vehicles) who saw me waiting on the side of the road and gave a lift – with air conditioning nonetheless!  God certainly spoils us sometimes.

Between revamping the electrical system on the lower half of the training center (where the interns live) and beginning the placement of more concrete fence posts around the entire farm for the barbed wire we’ll be putting in in June, I will also have a 3 day seminar with the church leaders later this week.  We now have 8 interns at the center with their families, so it is quite the busy place anymore.

After all of that, I’ll be jumping on a plane next week to come back in time for the Marriage Getaway in Colordao Springs.  If you haven’t signed up, talk with April or Sarah and get on the list – it looks to be a lot of fun.

Missing your fellowship this past Sunday.


One thought on “All’s well here…

  1. Matt. Looking forward to you coming home and back to us. We all miss you when you are gone. Lord bless and spoil you even more I pray. Betsy

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