Letter from Benin

As many of you know, our church is intimately involved with the national church in Benin, West Africa.  This includes not only our personal visits there, but our monthly financial gifts to the Kingdom work going on there.  Recently, The Antioch Group (the mission society that Matt and Sarah are now partnered with) was able to send money to Benin to allow the church leaders to buy 3 new motorcycles and to allow 4 other regional church leaders get good, used motorcycles.  These motorcycles will allow them to continue their pastoral visits to nearly 40 local churches, training around 90 elders, and advance their ministry into an entirely new region in eastern Benin.  In response to the recent gift, the church leaders sent us a thank you note that we wanted to share with you.

Greetings to our dear partners in the name of our Lord Jesus. We would like to inform you that the church MJB thanks you for the support that you bring to advance the work of God in Benin. Please communicate our thanks to all the members of your different churches. Since Last year we’ve had a well at our training center that allows us to drink clean water and to plant gardens. This year we were blocked in successfully caring out our mission due to problems with our means of transportation. Now, we have new motorcycles that allow us to reach out further to new peoples. Through this means we promise to reach out to the people in the Borgou [eastern Benin] with the Gospel. In the face of these blessings, we pray that God would bless 100 times over you and all of your members who have contributed to the realization of this great work in Benin. We promise that we will use these means to advance the work of God. May the Lord bless you!  Your brothers in Christ,
Leon, Gaston, and Marc

We thank you also for making room in your hearts for these dear brothers & sisters of ours.

One thought on “Letter from Benin

  1. The motorcycles are beautiful!! What a fun way to spread the word of God!! Be safe, and God bless every one of you! ❤

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