Messages & Resources

In life we can always use some encouragement and equipping for differing challenges.  Here are some recommended resources available on-line.  These are resources that we can recommend to evangelical Christian seeking to strengthen their faith and be better equipped to share it others.

Church of the Resurrection Sermons

Audio MP3’s and Sermon Notes

Bible Resources

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway (Commentaries)

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible (Commentaries)

Notable Speakers and Teachers (please note that listing their name DOES NOT mean we agree with everything the speaker teaches, only that we have appreciated their ministry & input.  The list is not exhaustive.)

NT Wright

Terry Virgo

David Pawson

Derek Prince

Darrow Miller (author of Discipling the Nations)

R.T. Kendall (author of The Sensitivity of the Spirit and The Anointing)

Mark Batterson (author of The Circle Maker)

Other Religions

Christian Answers.Net – for suggestions on how to share with different faiths.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry – site with information on many different religions & beliefs

Church of Christ Latter Day Saints

Jehovah’s Witnesses


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