A Look At Spiritual Hunger

In prepping for my sermon this week, I stumbled across this post which fell in line with the direction that the Spirit is leading me. Bon appetit!

Defining Words

I am not a fan of word games.  There is something very bane about two parties insisting on using two different terms to refer to the same thing.  Semantics is generally the parlor game of people pushing a tired message, or splitting hairs over irrelevant details.  (That being said, the balance of this post could be interpreted as a semantics on parade.)  There’s one word I’d like to serve up on a plate – only because it has bounced around in my spirit all evening. Hunger

To be honest, the word has been lost on me in recent years.  Haven’t we all heard sermons on the topic of “spiritual hunger” ad nauseam?  Only after hearing that word repeatedly, tonight, did I yield to ask, seek, and knock what Father might be saying.

Holy Spirit began to fire off a list of words that “hunger” has been construed to mean.  See if any of these translate into “spiritual…

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One thought on “A Look At Spiritual Hunger

  1. This has been on my heart as well. As I watch the people around me and look at myself, I wonder why we hunger for different things. Why do I long for a greater desire to be in the presence of the Lord and others don’t have that desire, sometimes he’s right there and he just passes and they’ve missed him. We hunger and thirst for his righteousness… as the word says. “More Than Enough, by Hillsong.” Thanks for being so true to listening to the Holy Spirit. Good food for thought;)

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