Pulling Together

I know that about now everyone is making plans for their weekend trying to decide what is the best way to re-create or what job around the house has to get done.  Well, I just wanted to remind you that we have a church business meeting this Sunday after church!  Is there anything more exciting or refreshing that you can think of to do?  Probably.

That said, we need all of our members to get involved in the decision making process of our church.  There are a lot of upcoming events and decisions that have to be made, and although it would be easier to let “them” make the decisions because “you” have something else to do, we need you, your involvement and your input.  We must all pull together in the same direction, or else…

We have Rendezvous coming up next month which involves a float and a booth, we have Vacation Bible School to consider, we have children’s Sunday School classes that need input, there are some serious financial decisions that have to be made, etc. etc.

So while you’re making your plans, please plan on attending the meeting.  “Many hands make light work.


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