This week…

This week is going to be a busy one with a lot of opportunities for people to get involved.

Alpha logoA new Alpha course will be launching this Thursday at 6pm.  Alpha is a 10-week introductory course to Christianity and the Bible and everyone is welcome.  The course covers the fundamentals of the Christian faith allowing for many questions and for people coming from different places of belief to safely explore what the Bible says for themselves.  Each week begins with a free meal, then a 30+ minute entertaining video, and then discussion over desert and coffee.  If you or someone you know is interested, bring them along and explore.

art_of_marriageOn Saturday, May 11th,we will be holding a second Family Life Art of Marriage workshop.  The first time was so good that several have asked to do it again.  Registration is at 8:30am and the teaching will begin at 9am.  It is a series of 6 1-hour videos that are well made and entertaining. There is very little discussion between couples so that we can focus on our spouse and our relationship.  It is a well-balanced course that does not point fingers at anyone person, and is good for those couples that have “it altogether” and for those who are the brink of divorce.  There will be a meal served and the cost for the meal will be $10/couple and an additional $30 for the work book for anyone who doesn’t have it.

Mother’s Day BBQ at Boyd Skinner Park on Sunday right after church.  Men are doing the grilling and bringing the sides, while the kids are bringing deserts.  Everyone welcome for what is always a good meal and a good time!


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