Easter Sunday reminders

Please do not forget that we will be having an “open breakfast” (i.e. anyone can come) at the church building at 9am followed by the church service at 10am.  If there is anyone who would like to bring something to share for the breakfast, please coordinate with Pam.

Then after the church service at 1pm will be an open-house buffet at Tom & Pam’s.  Again, anyone wanting to bring something to share should contact Pam so we can plan appropriately.  If there is anyone else who plan to open their house for a shared meal, let us know and we can announce that as well.

The sharing of meal with brothers & sisters in Christ is an awesome time to knit deeper and wider friendships.  Please come to one or both of the meals, don’t worry about bringing anything – it’s YOU we want to see!


One thought on “Easter Sunday reminders

  1. Church was wonderful for me yesterday from the singing to start to the finishing @ your mom’s house for a long visit while your dad slept on the couch and Hattie on the floor. Your song selections Sarah were so good and so nice to have on cd. I think I can speak for all of us who do not tell you ever, just how good a job you are doing as our mighty song leader and guitar player. Matt you do an awesome job at being our sheppard; truth in direction and comfort knowing you are there for us, always. Thank you, Betsy

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