New Issue of Manifesta Veritas

High School Principal Turcato just posted his latest issue of Manifesta Veritas, a bi-monthly letter that he writes for the parents and staff of Pinedale High School.

One interesting avenue of investing in our schools that Turcato made reference to is the “Strategic Planning Meetings” that the school district hosts each month.  (see SCSD#1 Calendar) for more information.  These meetings are important because a lot of long-term thinking and planning takes place, which then shapes and molds the discussions within the School Board meetings themselves.

And speaking of which, this Feb. 14th the SCSD#1 School Board will be discussing Administrator contracts, and then on April 11th they will be discussing Teacher contracts.  Public input must be at the beginning of the meetings and the meeting agendas can be found at BoardDocs so that we may be informed prior to the meetings.

This is something we must be vigilant on if we wish to have an impact on our schools.

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