Alpha Day Away

Tomorrow we will be having our “Alpha Day Away” and we would appreciate your prayers. The day away is an opportunity for the participants, about 9 this go-around, to focus upon the role of the Holy Spirit in their salvation and sanctification in Christ.  We take the time to watch four videos and have a time of prayer for each participant as they desire.  It is an awesome time to discuss the baptism of the Holy Spirit and pray for anyone wanting more of Him in their lives.

I wanted to share this short video that explains not only the role of Alpha in evangelizing and training the unchurched person, but its role in building community within the church.  This will be our 3rd adult Alpha course since last January along with two Student Alpha courses, and we have been very blessed by many of you in your helping with meals and child-care.  Thank you!  Not only are more people learning what the Bible has to say about Jesus, faith and salvation, but I believe that we as a group of believers are becoming closer as we serve one another.

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