The Church must offer a 3rd way

I received a general email from Steve Fry today, President of The Messenger Fellowship, an international community of church leaders that I (Matt) belong to.  Steve’s message in regard to the recent presidential election was refreshingly Kingdom focused, and I encourage everyone to take the time and read it.  With God, there is no side except the Kingdom side.  I warn you that it is a long letter, but its well worth the time to read.

One summary that he makes that we all should know, whether we read the long version or not is:

First it is the upon-falling of the Holy Spirit on believers.

Second, it is the radical community among believers. 

Third, it is the focused disciple making by believers.

Fourth, it is God designed unity with believers.

Fifth, it is the passionate rescue of sinners through believers.

The Election: A View from a Higher Altitude

I’m also including this YouTube video of one of Steve’s songs that he did years ago (he wrote and sang many songs earlier in his career).  This song in particular was very special to me during a crucial period of my own spiritual growth and just reading his letter made me want to listen to it again.

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