Church Meeting this Week (Aug. 29th)

The all-church meeting on is set for Wednesday Wednesday Aug. 29th at 7pm at the church to discuss our Fall ministry schedule and agenda. We’re asking that everyone reflect upon what ministry our church should be involved in and sponsoring. At the same time, please begin considering where you will fit into those ministries. There are three categories of ministries that I believe that we as a church should be very active in:
1. Kingdom oriented ministry within our Sublette community, what I’ve called the “Gate Keepers“; believers that are watching at the various “gates” of our community (law, education, entertainment, social services, government, etc.). They should be there to warn of any dangers to our Sublette Community as well as be prepared to offer Godly counsel at times of crisis and difficult decisions.

2.  Drawing any Christian “stragglers” back into the church, what I’ve often referenced as “the Drift,” we need outriders who will watch over God’s flock in our community.  Many believers have been wounded by previous experiences with churches and believers, and yet God commands that we should not give up meeting with one another. It’s not so much the pasture that matters, but that every believer would be watched over, protected and equipped for Kingdom ministry.  Note well, we are not promoting people to leave their church to come to ours, but that those that are “unchurched” would come back into the fold.

3.  Evangelism, we must not only bring in those that are part of “the Drift,” but we need to regularly be adding new converts.  Alpha is one of ministries to non-Christians, but there are many other ministries that we can be involved in that would prove attractive and profitable to drawing new people into God’s community.

So please pass the word, and lets begin a new Fall season with forward vision and excitement with what our sovereign Lord can do in Sublette County – and beyond!

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