Meet the HD-20 Candidates tonight

The SCSD#1 school board is hosting Albert Sommers and Jim Mickelson this evening at 7pm in the High School Board room. This will be an occasion to meet the candidates and hear their takes on education here in Sublette County as well as the State.

In addition to the meet & greet at 7pm, the Board agenda includes a review of the school and bus driver handbooks as well as more budget items.  Anyone interested should go to SCSD#1 Board Agenda link, and make an effort to attend the meeting.  A quick reminder, public input is only in the beginning of school board meetings, so anyone who wants to speak about a concern must be present at the opening of the board session at 8pm.

You can also read more on the candidates here:

1.  Pinedale Round-Up

2.  Wyoming Right to Life


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