Men Stepping Up

DavidGoliathMEN – the second session of Men Stepping Up is this evening at 7pm at the church building. We’ve also decided to create a sub-group of boys (10-13) who will break off into a separate discussion group after the video. This is a great opportunity for fathers and sons to study the same lesson on courageous manhood together. If you didn’t make it to the first session then be certain to make an effort to attend this week’s session.

Ministry Training

Reminder that after church this Sunday will be the second study of our monthly series on ministering. Great for different ministry leaders and for anyone wanting to grow deeper in their outreach of the Gospel. Please bring your own lunch, kids are welcome but will be in another room so they can play, etc. We also ask that interested persons be willing to make the monthly 90-minute commitment which will be the 3rd Sunday each month.

Men’s Weekly Study Starting NEXT WEEK

Attention Men – starting next Tuesday at 7pm – Stepping Up. A 10-week video series on courageous manhood. This is a great study for men and already men from other churches are planning on coming. Sign up this Sunday or contact Matt.

Patrick Kline’s Live Television Interview

Patrick4Patrick Klein of Vision Beyond Borders has been given a unique opportunity to share what is going on in the ministry through a series of television broadcasts on Christ for the Nations television. This will be a series of three live broadcasts. They will begin on Wednesday, January 28th through Friday, January 30th. He will be on at 10:00 MST. This will be live, so if you are interested, you would need to tune in at that time. It will be a great time to hear the updates within the ministry and hear how God is working in various countries around the world.


If you would like to listen to these broadcasts, you may do so by clicking on the following link: Patrick’s Television Interview

Oldest Version of a Christian Bible Discovered on Ancient Mummy

A team of scientists has recently discovered what seems to be the oldest version of a Christian bible written on a small papyrus fragment. The experts say that the papyrus contains a text from the Book of Mark, which is believed to have been written sometime during the 1st century, before the year 90 AD. Read more here.