SERMON: Jesus Wept

This sermon was delivered on May 25th and discusses the problem of pain and Jesus’ own pain over loss and pain.  Some of the take-aways were:

  1. Problems can be the “black chariots of bright grace.
  2. Christ’s compassion and the calamity & cost of sin.
  3. Jesus’ tears were a mingling of anger and grief
  4. We need to remove whatever is blocking God’s miracle in our life
  5. God the Father always listens
  6. The Word of God speaks life and provides comfort
  7. Removing the “grave clothes” is a group activity
  8. Freedom in Christ releases us from the power of sin and the fear of death.
  9. Jesus’ life and ministry causes reactions.

SERMON: Jesus in the Jewish Feats

This sermon was given on April 6th and is a discussion of the foretelling of Jesus within the Old Testament feasts.  Some of the take-aways were:

  1. Always be mindful to keep your eyes on Jesus
  2. Jesus’ sacrifice delivers from death and frees us from sin
  3. Jesus is the first fruit of those who believe
  4. In Jesus on new man is created out of two: Jew & Gentile
  5. “Judaism” was born at Mt. Sinai
  6. “Christianity” was born at Pentecost
  7. We must learn to discern between clean and unclean
  8. Jesus’ sacrifice draws us closer to God
  9. Rest in His house

SERMON: Use both hands

This is the sermon from Sunday June 1st looking at the stories of Moses, Gideon and Nehemiah and the need to use both hands.  Some of the take aways were:

  1. Dark chariots of bright grace.” Valley of vision.
  2. Oftentimes the story begins in the rubble.
  3. The enemy will often give you no room and will attack new believers, new leaders and at times of potential growth.
  4. Give all to intercession and worship; the power of praise in warfare.
  5. Boldly testify to the glory of the Lord
  6. Strengthen those weak hands
  7. What is in your hands?
  8. Use both hands, keep your eyes on the road, and do battle.

SERMON: Be still and know

Sunday sermon from June 8th on Psalms 46.  Some of the take aways were:

  1. Life’s storms are normal but your life is now hidden in Christ
  2. The victorious life is one that is entirely surrendered to God
  3. Be still and watch what God can do for you
  4. Quiet yourself with and don’t be frantic
  5. Listen for the still small voice
  6. Wait for the Promise of the Father
  7. Be filled with the Holy Spirit
  8. Be still and know that He is God

SERMON: Do not be deceived

Sunday sermon from March 30th on Colossians chapter 2 verses 8-23.  Some of the take aways of the sermon were:

  1. Beware of being taken captive
  2. In Jesus dwells the fullness of God
  3. Jesus took our sins upon Himself
  4. Mechanical worship is dull
  5. Make sure your “religion” is genuine
  6. We need to remain connected to the Head
  7. Take note those that teach contrary to good doctrine
  8. It’s relationship in Christ, not rules that transforms us