7eventh Time Down Concert

On April 11th at 7pm we will be hosting 7eventh Time Down in concert here in Pinedale. We’ve created a countdown calendar to the left along with a link to go to our online ticketing agent. You could also go to our Face Book to view more information about the concert.


5 Things that Make Men Love the Church

Yesterday I posted the article about why men hate going to church. Insipidness is a very poor motivator. Here now is the follow up article about what there is about the Church that make some of us love her. These are not the only reasons to love the Church, but it’s a good start and perhaps a good way to kick-start men’s engagement with the greatest, most epic adventure they could join.

5 Things that Make Men Love the Church

Why Men Hate Going to Church

Here’s a good article that challenges the way church has become and is perceived by men. The advance of the Kingdom of God and the battle to be men of faith is an epic journey, worthy of sacrifice and passion – worthy of a man’s dreams. Read the article at the link below:

Why Men Hate Going to Church