SERMON: Yet once more…

Sermon from October 12th about the coming shaking upon the Church and the nations. We discuss the need to understand the times and the need to be unified rather than scattered so that we may encourage and help one another. Some of the other main points were:

  1. Being in the daily Word keeps an open door of communication and helps us see life rightly
  2. Wheat & chaff are separated in His hands
  3. Be vigilant and purposeful but without fear
  4. Yet once more a time of shaking is coming, it’s purpose is to separate what can and cannot be shaken.
  5. Commit to trusting God and engage on the journey despite the dangers along the way.

SERMON: We are not given a spirit of fear

Sermon from October 5th discussing the problem of fear and its hindrances upon our Christian life and walk. Some of the main points were:

  1. We are Spirit filled sons & daughters of the Eternal Father
  2. We need to beware of the snares of fear that hurt us and hold us back.
  3. Steward your talents in the fear of God.
  4. By standing by faith in Christ and you can weather the storms of fear; you do not have live under but above.
  5. Faith in Christ is not a tranquilizer to close our eyes to the world of pain, but the catalyst to embolden us to build God’s Kingdom here and now.
  6. The Father’s heart is for us and we can be confident in Him.