SERMON: We are not orphans

Sermon from September 28th discussing the difference between an orphan spirit and being sons & daughters of God the Father through Jesus. Some of the highlights are:


  1. An orphan spirit has a sense of abandonment, loneliness, alienation and isolation.
  2. We are not self-made
  3. The covenant of God through the blood and body of Jesus the Christ.
  4. We may now call the Creator God – Father
  5. Be renewed and transformed
  6. We are no longer orphans; we’ve been adopted into the family of God. The proof is the presence of the Spirit of Christ dwelling in our lives and changing us into His image – hour by hour and day by day – until He’s done.

SERMON: Practical Suggestions (HS #10)

This is the last sermon in the series “The Spirit Filled Church.” Some of the principle points were:

  1. We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we ought to eagerly desire and expect the manifestations of His presence.
  2. God’s supply never ends, and we need to take responsibility for our part.
  3. The Master requires a ride into town.
  4. The gifts are given for the edification of the Church according to the plans of the Tekton.
  5. His Kingdom come

SERMON: Patrick Klein of Vision Beyond Borders

Patrick3This is Patrick’s sermon on the morning of September 14th based upon 2 Kings 7 of God’s miraculous deliverance from the Syrian army and the courage of four lepers. Along with a needed exhortation, Patrick also included a brief report of his ministry with Vision Beyond Borders.

Click on the link for more information on Vision Beyond Borders.

SERMON: The Gifts of the Spirit at Work (HS #9)

Sermon from September 7th on the workings of the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the Church. Some of the key points were:

  1. Each person must decide whether the Spirit and His gifts were just scaffolding, or whether they’re part of the superstructure of the Church today.
  2. Walk by, be filled with and live in the Spirit.
  3. Eagerly desire and rejoice in the gifts.
  4. God’s Spirit is always flowing, always at work. We must take responsibility for our end of the pipe and keep it clean.
  5. Humbly bear Christ, the true hero of the Story, into the hearts and homes of others. He is Master and He is God.

Parick Klein of Vision Beyond Borders this Sunday

Patrick3Just a brief reminder that Patrick Klein of Vision Beyond Borders will be speaking this Sunday at the 10am service and at a special 6pm service. The goal of the ministry is to serve the worldwide church by providing the necessary tools and training for the local people to fulfill Christ’s “Great Commission” in their own countries. This is done by supplying them with native language Bibles, training materials, seeds, clothing, medical supplies, prayer teams and evangelism to children. Last year alone, Vision Beyond Borders helped to ship and deliver over 50,000 Bibles to numerous countries in all types of languages. Patrick Klein has been involved in missions work for over 20 years and has spent several years living overseas in places such as Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and China. He has helped to deliver over 750,000 Bibles around the world; providing God’s Word to those who are hungry and thirsty for the words of life.

We had a great visit with Patrick last year and look forward to another good visit. Please remember to let your friends in other churches, or those just interested to hear first hand accounts from headline regions, about our special service at 6pm this Sunday.

SERMON: The Fruit & Gifts of the Spirit (HS #8)

Sermon from August 31st discussing the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Some of the principal points that were highlighted were:

  1. Walk in and be Filled by the Holy Spirit
  2. Fruit is a natural result of living in the Vine
  3. The Fruit is produced through sanctification by Christ.
  4. Yes, the command to eagerly desire the gifts is for today.
  5. Multiple jobs require multiple gifts
  6. Be filled, with the word and the Presence of God

SERMON: Be Filled and Walk in the Spirit (HS #7)

Sermon from August 24th on the commands to walk in and be filled by the Holy Spirit. Some of the principal points were:

  1. Some fundamentals: love God & others, let Him hold the steering wheel, get dyed in the Spirit, and be the Temple 24/7
  2. The filling of the Spirit enables us to please Him and to be His witnesses.
  3. Walk in the Spirit and produce the Fruit in your lives; sanctification.
  4. Be filled (controlled) by the Spirit and seek to operate in the gifts; ministry.
  5. Produce good & abundant Fruit
  6. Be free to operate in the Gifts
  7. Eagerly desire the spiritual gifts; hunger is primal.