SERMON: Be Filled and Walk in the Spirit (HS #7)

Sermon from August 24th on the commands to walk in and be filled by the Holy Spirit. Some of the principal points were:

  1. Some fundamentals: love God & others, let Him hold the steering wheel, get dyed in the Spirit, and be the Temple 24/7
  2. The filling of the Spirit enables us to please Him and to be His witnesses.
  3. Walk in the Spirit and produce the Fruit in your lives; sanctification.
  4. Be filled (controlled) by the Spirit and seek to operate in the gifts; ministry.
  5. Produce good & abundant Fruit
  6. Be free to operate in the Gifts
  7. Eagerly desire the spiritual gifts; hunger is primal.

SERMON: How to cultivate spiritual hunger (HS #6)

Sermon from August 17th on how to cultivate and develop spiritual hunger in our lives. Some of the principal points were:

  1. Hunger is primal; we were made for deep communion with God.
  2. Beware of the apple pies of this world that distract from eating at the table of God.
  3. God is the only One who can satisfy our hunger
  4. God is actively wooing and drawing us to Him
  5. Express your desire, then increase your attentiveness, capacity and sensitivity.
  6. Plant good seed, nurture, protect and then harvest a hundred fold.
  7. Choose to change your diet for the good of your spiritual health.

SERMON: How to receive the baptism of the Spirit (HS #5)

Sermon from August 10th on receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Some of the principal points were:

  1. Who is in the driver’s seat of our lives? Is the Spirit only a paying passenger, or is He at the wheel driving?
  2. Do we notice a difference between Christ merely in our lives and Christ on the throne of our lives?
  3. The blessing of the Spirit is not a result of being a Super Christian, but of our hunger. Just how desperate are we really?
  4. Present ourselves a living sacrifice and enduring the Cross for the joy set before us.
  5. Open the floodgates to the full life and power of God through you to the world.

SERMON: Two objects cannot occupy the same space (HS #4)

This is the sermon from August 3rd about the need to place the Spirit in first place and to remove any other hindrances that prevent His taking the throne of our lives.

  1. The blessing of the Holy Spirit is not about what we get, but Who we receive.
  2. We must forsake all for the ultimate Prize
  3. We need to learn to wait on the Lord to fulfill His promises
  4. The Biblical word, “baptized” comes from the Greek words: dyed, immersed & overwhelmed
  5. Two objects cannot occupy the same space
  6. Our growth is hindered by: opinion, corruption, self-life, bad reception, self-reliance, and refusing humility.
  7. Choose for yourself this day whom you will serve.

SERMON: The Advent of the Spirit Age (HS #3)

This sermon from July 27th is about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the changes between the New and Old Testament operations of the Holy Spirit.

  1. The Spirit of the living God dwells within us as disciples, but is He in control?
  2. The chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.
  3. God has employed scale models and basic principles that teach and guide us.
  4. God is establishing His global Church and is using us as His building stones.
  5. The effective working of every part is required for the growth of the body.
  6. Don’t just be a tent, be the Temple.
  7. God has a plan, therefore determine to be a part it.

SERMON: The Holy Spirit is… (HS #2)

This sermon was given July 13th about the Person of the Holy Spirit. Some of the principle points were:

  1. The anointing used to be provisional and selective in the OT.
  2. At Pentecost, God moved His temple from outside to inside His people.
  3. The indwelling of the Spirit carries real results and promises.

SERMON: The Necessity of the Holy Spirit (HS #1)

This is really the second message in the series, the Spirit Filled Church, that was given on July 6th. Apart from the Spirit we cannot please God and the only form of God (within the Trinity) that is on the Earth is the Holy Spirit. God has given us all we need to please Him, there remains our willingness to do our part. Some of the take aways were:

  1. Love with all.
  2. The necessity and role of the Holy Spirit.
  3. There is a normal Christian life which many are missing out on.
  4. The doctrine of the filling of the Holy Spirit is critical to the life of the Church.